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Every year around this time I get that dreaded feeling in my gut about, you guessed it…BLACK FRIDAY. Running Hope and Hart, I’ve felt pressured to offer large discounts to compete with the big boys and their mega sales. However this year I’m not competing. I’ve found some confidence to say a big fat NO to black friday this year.

Like many small businesses I LOVE what I do, and the fact that you’re reading this I’m taking a guess that you love what I sell too. Talking of selling you can find the shop here

Personally I love handmade items, there is something so special knowning that I’m the owner of so many unique items that are beautifully made by skillful people dedicated to their crafts. I truely feel supporting Independent business whether its a coffee shop, painter or Jewellery maker is so important, supporting each other and appreciating the craft.

I’m not at all saying don’t buy from those big retailers, but after all, you don’t shop at a big retailer to get something unique and personalised nor do you shop Independent for something mass produced.

As a small business I’ve come to terms with the simple fact, I can’t compete with the big retailers and I dont actually want to.

Making my bags and accessories takes time, patience and love. I have to remind myself I price my handcrafted items fairly all year around and offer FREE delievery as I hate nothing more then loading my basket full of items to find out I’ve still got to spend a small fortune on postage.

I’ve had to remind myself why I shop small businesses and why I run a small buisness.

I really hope after reading this you will consider why a small business like mine, might not be running large discounts over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend, and still choose to shop Independent.

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