Reading Time: 3 minutesOur Petite Millie pouch is the best way to keep organised and keep your bag looking tidy.

If you’re anything like me, your bag could easily give Mary Poppins a run for her money.

From pens to note books, packets of ibuprofen (for those dreaded mid day stress headaches, to tampons that save your life when you get caught out. we have all been there!

For all those reasons above are some of the reasons why and how our beloved Petite Millie Pouch came about.





1. Forever losing your hairbands, that are never to be found when you need it most? 

Our Petite Millie is VERY good at keeping all those runaways in one place






2. Fed up of spending ages searching for those much needed pain killers when a dreaded headache hits?

Yep, me too. Petite Millie can easily fit a packet of tableys in to make it so much easier to find when you need them most.







3. Hate putting your bag on the floor to find the smaller items roaming at the bottom of your bag?

Petite Millie is the perfect size to cup in the palm of your hand. Easy enough to find on the go, but most importantly shes not invasive, you wont even realise shes there.






4. Do you like to top up your make-up after work before you head out for drinks?

Yep us too. Petite Millie is the PERFECT little make up bag. Lippy, mascara, eye-shadow, Vaseline you name it if you need it, it will most likely fit in.







5. …and lastly Petite Millie can be personalised. what more could you want a handy little pouch you will soon be lost without.

People have chosen main things to print from-

Initals, Make up, to there name.

If you have a special request do get in touch. Here



The possibilities for our Petite Millie or as I like to call her the little lifesaver are truly endless, she’s currently my favourite go to item mainly because she’s so convenient and has saved me so much time not having to search for things in my bag.

I hope your have found this useful do get in touch if you have any other questions.

Thanks for reading.

Jenni x



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